5. Exceptional items

  2011 2010
€'000 €'000
Restructuring costs (note a) 731 -
Impairment of fixed assets (note b) - 1,392
Past service pension costs (note c) 8,400 -
9,131 1,392

a) Restructuring costs

During 2011 the Group announced the closure of its sawmill business (Dundrum Woodproducts) resulting in a charge to the profit and loss account of €731,000.

b) Impairment of fixed assets

In accordance with the provisions of FRS11 — ‘Impairment of Fixed Assets and Goodwill’, the Group has reviewed the carrying value of its investment in certain forestry assets. As a consequence of the review, the Group were not required to record an impairment charge in 2011, as the assets were not stated above their recoverable amount. In 2010 an impairment charge of €1.4m was recorded in the Group profit and loss account.

c) Past service pension costs

During 2011 the Group incurred a once-off charge of €8.4m relating to past service pension costs of its employees.